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6 Ways Private Pods Maximise Your Business Potential 

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These days, companies are looking to re-imagine the open office layout to improve business operations. How are they doing so? Through private pods

Industry giants such as Google are now looking to this modest piece of furniture to reinvent the wheel and construct a dynamic office space that is better suited to the needs of its users in order to maximise business productivity. 

Read on to discover the 6 ways private pods maximise your business’ potential. 

1. It reduce workplace stress and anxiety 

While open floor offices have been lauded as the panacea to individual stress and social isolation, research suggests otherwise. A Queensland University of Technology study found that 90% of employees working in offices with an open floor plan experience exhibited increased stress levels, blood pressure, and turnover rates. Researchers note that open floor office spaces contribute to feelings of insecurity that heightens stress levels. 

Undoubtedly, elevated levels of stress and anxiety will hamper productivity. Another study discovered that stressed employees were associated with an average of 33.6% work impairment. 

As compared to open office plans, mini office pods or modular office pods provide the necessary space to decompress and alleviate stress levels, which is necessary to fully optimise any company’s operating potential. 

2. It heightens focus and concentration 

Open office plans have their advantages, but oftentimes, the hustle and bustle of the office can distract you from the task at hand. By integrating soundproof office pods into the office configuration, office users would have the option to step into an oasis of peace during hectic periods or when they need to concentrate on a particular piece of pressing or challenging work. 

By providing employees with a wide variety of locations to work at depending on the situation at hand, companies are empowering its employees to find the ‘flow’ – the state of consciousness in which they are at their most productive and also most satisfied with the work they are producing and how it is being done.

3. It promotes team-building and workplace cohesion 

Ironically, having private pods included in the office design could actually foster more positive working relationships. In 2018 study, Harvard Business School studied two Fortune 500 companies before and after a transition to an open floor open. 

What they found was startling. Face-to-face time between employees decreased by 70%, while the number of email interactions increased starkly by a range of 22% to 50%. Through their findings, researchers deduced that the lack of privacy drove workers into isolation, rather than encouraging interaction.

Part of protecting employees’ mental health and well-being includes creating a safe and secure working

The results highlight the essential need for privacy to bolster individual peace of mind, but also, to contribute to overall workplace cohesion. We need space in order to effectively communicate and interact with our colleagues, and integrating private pods into open layouts provides that desired space for privacy.  

4. It protects your privacy

Regardless of the size of your business, there would be differing levels of access to various types of data and information. In industries where data privacy is paramount, it is essential to put in place secure locations where confidential and sensitive data can be presented and discussed with the right people. 

Soundproof office pods are just the way to do so. It ensures that conversations will not be overheard by curious passers-by, and promises to keep highly confidential information within the right circles. Offering a secure space to discuss private information with clients could also make or break your success of clinching a deal, as every client values data privacy and confidentiality. 

5. It attracts the younger generation of talent 

Contrary to popular belief, full remote work is not attractive to the younger generation of talent. A Microsoft study found that more than half of Generation Z workers said that they felt unproductive and unmotivated working from home. The study also noted that 42% of employees do not have essential office supplies at home. It is clear that the Generation Z workers are struggling in a full remote working environment. 

Companies can use modular office pods as a means to diversify the available space in the office, and become a more attractive option to workers whose work environments are unsuitable for remote work. Given too that modular office pods can be customised in terms of size and function, integrating an array of different modular office pods around the office would work wonders in complementing existing office facilities, thereby attracting a growing generation of talent. 

6. It is versatile and adaptable to the changing needs of its users 

One of the greatest advantages of integrating mini office pods or modular office pods into your current office set-up is how versatile and mobile it is. This means that private pods are flexible and cost-effective options that can fit seamlessly into any office configuration. This also drastically reduces any renovation costs whilst also accommodating the growing and changing needs of the company. 

Maximise your business potential 

Undoubtedly, private pods are crucial to constructing a safe, secure, and attractive work environment for employees. It is time to maximise your business potential, optimise employee productivity – and all that begins from the modest but mighty office pod. 

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