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Creating Conducive Spaces for Learning: 5 reasons why Schools should use Private Pods

With traditional classrooms gradually becoming a relic of the past, we need to revolutionise the way we create spaces in schools by integrating private pods into the learning environment. Private pods bring with it a myriad of benefits that render it an essential component of any modern school. 

Here are four reasons why modern schools and universities should use private pods. 

Reason 1: Private pods are versatile enough to accommodate various learners’ needs 

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InstaPod Quad @ NTU

Regardless of your learning style, private pods are versatile equipment that can accommodate the learning styles and needs of a diverse range of students. In fact, there are 7 different learning styles that teachers should respond to. It only makes sense that the learning environment responds to these 7 different learning styles as well. 

Are you a solitary learner who requires a quiet space to mull over complex concepts and ideas? Individual modern phone booths would be your safe haven. Away from the hustle and bustle of school life, these spaces provide a secure and uninterrupted space to consolidate your thoughts regarding that particularly tricky piece of work. 

Or are you an interpersonal learner, who thrives best when studying in groups? Welcome to the meeting room of the future, where private pods can be customised to meet the needs of vibrant small groups discussions, providing a comfortable space to discuss ideas away from inquisitive ears, but still large enough to accommodate vibrant group discussions. 

Reason 2: Private pods enable sensitive feedback sessions between teachers and students to be carried out with ease 

InstaPod Solo Plus @ Secondary School’s teacher’s office

Exam feedback or academic performance review sessions with your teacher can be a nerve-wrecking and anxiety-inducing experience. What makes it worse is that sometimes, it is held in an open space with little to no privacy. Having an academic review in such a setting is undoubtedly not beneficial for learning. Furthermore, maintaining the confidentiality and data privacy of students is also a heavy responsibility for teachers. Working with sensitive data in an open office environment is not ideal towards fully protecting students’ privacy. 

Modern phone booths, or private meeting rooms in Singapore, are the golden solution to these problems. They provide a secure and safe space for learners to receive important feedback on their academic progress, and improve accordingly. Such meeting rooms also grant students greater opportunity to interact with their teachers in an environment free from the judgment of others. It also provides a private space for educators to manage or discuss confidential data. 

Reason 3: They are suitable isolation pods for disciplinary purposes 

Discipline is part and parcel of school life. There needs to be a suitable space for the effective isolation of students to reflect on the error of their actions. It is unrealistic and impractical to utilise a whole classroom to isolate a single student, and yet, this is the current practice in schools today. 

Integrating private pods into the school environment would be the panacea to this issue. Private pods are ideal as solitary spaces that allow for students to reflect on the severity of their actions and analyse their mistakes, which is a critical component to helping students become better thinkers and persons. 

Reason 4: They are multipurpose spaces that easily embrace changing technology

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InstaPod Quad

Private pods are not known as the meetings rooms of the future for no reason. According to architects, a key component of making educational spaces effective is incorporating long-term adaptability and flexibility so that as technology and pedagogies change, the learning environment can support those changes. The versatility of private pods ensures that they become multi-purpose spaces that are easily adjusted to meet the changing needs of future students. 

Moreover, they embrace developing technologies. These private meeting rooms in Singapore can be equipped with whiteboards, screens and charging outlets – everything the modern student needs. 

Creating Effective Spaces for Growth 

It is time to reinvent traditional educational spaces to maximise our students’ learning and empower them to grow into modern thinkers. Invest in private pods today and embrace new models of education now. 

Conversely, given that every household has its own space constraints, concerns, and needs, you might have concerns about the office pod and whether it can fulfil your wants. In that case, pop an enquiry to see where we can get started!