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Customizing Your Pod for the Perfect Workplace Experience

Office pods are fast becoming a staple fixture in hybrid working environments but standard pods are not able to fit into all corners for some offices and not to mention they sometimes have specific corporate theme colours. Today we explore the 3 areas where you can customise the ideal phone booth and meeting pods with InstaPod.  

  1. Colour Customization: Boosting Productivity, Branding and Atmosphere

Colours have the power to evoke emotions, alter moods, and stimulate creativity. By understanding how colours affect mood and productivity, you can strategically leverage them in your office pod design to foster collaboration and efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity: Vibrant shades of blue and green have a calming effect, reducing stress and promoting concentration. By incorporating these colours into your office pod, you create a space that helps participants stay engaged, leading to more productive discussions and efficient decision-making processes.

Positive Atmosphere: Warm tones like yellow and orange inspire enthusiasm and creativity, making them perfect for brainstorming sessions. Customizing your office pod with these colours can stimulate innovative thinking and encourage unique perspectives, resulting in fresh ideas and creative solutions to complex problems.

Branding and Aesthetics: Office pods often serve as a reflection of a company’s brand identity and aesthetic preferences. By aligning the colour of your office pod with your brand colours, you create a cohesive and visually appealing workspace. This branding consistency not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the office but also reinforces brand recognition and creates a professional impression on clients and visitors.

2. Size Customization: Optimizing Space and Workplace Requirements

Every office has unique layouts and requirements, and customization options allow businesses to maximize their available space. Whether you need a compact pod for private phone calls or a larger one for team collaborations, customization ensures that the pods meet the specific needs and spatial constraints of your office. Flexibility in size and type optimizes your workspace, providing employees with functional and efficient work/meeting environments.

3. Furniture Customization: Personalised Comfort

In addition to customizing the colour and size of your office pod, you can personalize the furniture within it. From choosing the colour and material of the pod sofa to selecting the types of tables, you can design and create a space that is uniquely yours, perfectly aligning with the interior design of your office. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern ambience or a cosy and inviting atmosphere, customization nurtures creativity, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among employees.

By making thoughtful choices in colour, furniture, and pod size, you can significantly influence productivity, collaboration, and the overall work and meeting experience. Contact us today to unlock these benefits.