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How Acoustic Pods for Offices Benefit Both Open and Closed Office Space Layouts

With the pandemic radically changing the way individuals and organisations function, the office phone booth is rapidly rising in popularity as an essential element of the modern workplace. 

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Undoubtedly, the pandemic has changed the way we work, marking a transition to the hybrid work model, where part of the workforce works outside of the traditional office for part of the time. As many industry experts have suggested, employers need to embrace the hybrid model in order to thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. This means re-constructing the traditional office workplace and re-imagining a workplace that better fits the constantly changing needs of its employees; and one way of doing so is leveraging upon mini office pods or modular office pods

Finding Balance 

The future of work is defined by a hybrid work set-up that embraces increased flexibility, something that more and more job seekers in the post-pandemic world are prioritising in their job search. To be able to procure and retain the best talent, employers must respond to the changing demands of job seekers. 

This means putting in place a balanced and flexible work set-up that suits the needs of diverse groups of workers. Nonetheless, this does not mean transitioning to a purely work-from-home set-up. While working from home may become increasingly attractive, this is not a viable option for some whose home environments are simply not conducive for productive work. This is where employers can step in and provide a convenient and private work environment by positioning modular office pods or mini office pods at strategic areas in the office. 

The flexibility accorded to these arrangements means that employees are provided with the luxury of choice to select which work environment would be best for them, given their specific circumstances. 

Protecting Employee Well-being and Productivity 

In the future, mental health and well-being will become higher priorities for job seekers and employees. This is a crucial step in the right direction. Mental health and well-being have long been neglected by institutions for decades, and the pandemic has sounded a wake-up call that this cannot continue. 

Part of protecting employees’ mental health and well-being includes creating a safe and secure working environment that reduces anxiety. Anxiety for instance is known to decrease work performance and reduce job satisfaction. One way of reducing anxiety is through situating modular phone booth or modern phone booths throughout the workplace. Doing so will provide much-needed respite from the hectic workplace and a quiet place for productive contemplation. Integrating spaces for enhanced privacy also means employees’ will have a space to take private phone calls or meetings, thereby easing unnecessary stressors. 

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Making Collaboration Attractive & Convenient 

A 2021 McKinsey survey highlights that employees are most interested in collaboration, connectivity, training and technology policies. This includes collaboration policies that enable on-site employees to dial-in easily to remote meetings as well as making allowances for effective collaboration tools. The survey results also note that many hoped for microconnectivity policies, such as organising regular small team-connectivity events to facilitate social cohesion. 

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The workplace needs to re-imagine physical space in order to make collaboration convenient and attractive. For on-site employees to dial in easily and securely to remote meetings, the use of modular phone booth or mini office pods is advantageous. Modular phone booth such as those offered by InstaPod are effectively sound-proofed, reducing any distracting noise and thereby enabling its users to focus on the meeting at-hand. It also enhances privacy, which is crucial for team meetings involving sensitive information. Modular office pods can also be customised in size. For small team events, medium-sized office pods would be useful in carving out a safe space for team bonding and cohesion. 

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Embracing the Metaverse 

Undeniably, the workplace of the future has to adapt to the metaverse, a trending phenomenon that is clearly here to stay. Put simply, the metaverse describes a world which encompasses virtual reality experiences, augmented reality initiatives and other digital simulations. With Mark Zuckerberg announcing Facebook’s plans to become a key collaborator in this metaverse, the metaverse will soon become the new norm rather than the stuff of sci-fi fantasy.  

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For organisations, the metaverse could potentially create more immersive and productive meetings, made possible with 3D virtual reality headsets. Microsoft has already launched the Microsoft Mesh app, a mixed reality experience that allows you to connect, share and collaborate with your coworkers in immersive, near natural virtual environments. 

In exploring the infinite possibilities of the metaverse, there is also a need to re-imagine the architecture of the traditional workplace to accommodate and adapt to the metaverse. This means re-constructing a more flexible and fluid workplace that is able to provide the space for such immersive virtual reality meetings.

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Again, office phone booths or modular office pods would be integral towards sectioning off spaces for virtual reality meetings to commence, uninterrupted. Given that modular office pods such as those offered by InstaPod are easily movable, integrating these elements into the modern workplace reduces the fixed rigidity that defines traditional workplace. 

Embracing the Future of Work

Amidst the multiple challenges plaguing businesses and individuals during the pandemic, it has resulted in new and potentially more productive ways of thinking and working. Companies need to incorporate this enhanced need for flexibility, collaboration, and mental well-being into their workplace, should they wish to remain relevant in the future; and office phone booths would be integral to this transition. 

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