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How office desk pods boost healthy living

Conversations have constantly circled around how office desk pods can boost office productivity as well as manage noise levels. Inversely, little is drawn from its personal and overall health benefits, which can comprise a range of practical, personal, and mental health benefits. Over time, these personal benefits can then contribute to the culture and health of the general office as well.

Keeping these benefits in mind, let’s dive into how acoustic pods for offices can better the personal and overall health of office staff, and where you can get your first booth today.

Building the office around distractions

According to RealBusiness, a list of the top ten annoying office sounds listed conversations and gossip as the first, followed by loud phone noises as the second, and coughing, sneezing, or sniffing as the third. These are factors that I’m sure we can all relate to.

That being said, BBC highlights how noisy offices can be for some people as well. Working to music or ambient noise is not an uncommon sight, and can even help people concentrate better on their work.
But as with all things, nothing is a zero-sum, and where people benefit, others lose out. While few benefit from an ideal level of office noise, an overwhelming level that far exceeds what is considered ‘white noise’ or background ambience can trigger feelings of anxiety, and distract people from their work. Some may even experience misophonia, which is when certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses which are perceived to be out of proportion to the situation at-hand.

With the modern phone booth, the office can flexibly cater to either mode of work. After all, office desk pods certainly don’t call for the elimination of open office concepts and its frenetic bustle of work. It’s simply a value-add to what already exists. Hence, by incorporating acoustic pods for offices, this can help to regulate the noise-levels and provide readily available options for workers who are more sensitive to noise and visual distractions. This fosters a sort of balance: The open office being the one that encourages conversation and networking, and the private booths as the option that motivates workers to concentrate in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

In the long-term, this can boost mental health by allowing workers to have control over their environments. It will also enable staff to self-regulate their uptime and downtime in offices!

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Many of us are cast into the unfortunate and dismaying plight of work-from-home environments. On one hand, it certainly bodes some benefits, such as being able to wake up later because of the reduced need to travel, and more time to oneself.

On the other hand, this has culminated in sedentary lifestyles where the most activity comes from us walking to the desk, then back to bed, then to the kitchen, then back to the desk. By extension of that, this also means that restlessness is a typical byproduct of such inactivity, and has made work-from-home environments rather detrimental to our health and mental state of mind.

Moreover, many of us—like myself—live with their families who are also working-from-home. With noise overlapping noise and meeting blasting over meeting, working-from-home is often less productive than working-in-the-office. In turn, stifled productivity may perpetuate longer hours of work as people try to compensate for the lost time spent on distractions. Simply phrased: Boundaries are gone.

With the modern phone booth presented as an option, workers can go to work and opt for these booths so that they can still facilitate their online meetings without disrupting their family and co-workers. This can then better their self-assuredness, confidence, and ease, which also allows them to do their work well and give them a peace of mind.

In fact, even being able to travel may help them to get their day started on a right note, and create shifts from a sedentary to active lifestyle.
This can create healthy boundaries in the long-run, and ensure that they don’t burn out as well.

Minimising contagion

Let’s not forget about the upsides of office desk pods in this pandemic!
Advisably so, employees are mandated to stay at home if they test positive for COVID-19. However, for workers with minor flus and fevers, they may still opt to stay at home because of the fear of contagion. But with these acoustic pods for offices, people can still opt to come to work and stay in these booths, so that COVID-19 has a lower risk of spreading, and so that they can come to the office with less fears of catching a virus.

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