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How Office Pods is viable if You Want to Make Your Room Soundproof   

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Living in the hustle and bustle of the city of Singapore can be stressful for one seeking quietness and peace at home. The sounds of sports cars revving across the streets, neighbours’ late night karaoke sessions and the incessant chirping of the myna birds at the break of dawn can be frustrating and stressful at times, especially when it disrupts one’s beauty sleep. Particularly for people living in HDB flats, with so many residents crowded in the same building, it is inevitable that noise can be a huge nuisance and problem. As such, soundproofing one’s room is so important and the magical solution to end the noise nuisance.

Why is soundproofing your room important?

  1. Privacy

Firstly, soundproofing one’s room prevents voice leaks, which ensure that neighbours cannot hear private conversations. There are also times when loud music and conversations can be heard from the neighbours and this can be disturbing for those who are working, resting or spending quality time with their families. As such, soundproofing one’s room is absolutely necessary for those who value privacy and want their rooms to be a quiet place to relax in. 

Moreover, soundproofing one’s room will allow one the privacy to carry out daily activities without disturbing the rest of the family members who may be resting or working in their rooms.

2. Health and safety

Noise pollution does not just affect the environment, but it also affects the human body. It has been found that cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke and other heart diseases are clearly linked to prolonged exposure to sound and noise. The costs of soundproofing one’s room pales in comparison to the potential health risks of prolonged noise exposure. 

3. Avoidance of Hearing Problems

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The World Health Organisation estimates that 1.3 billion people suffer from hearing loss problems and nearly 10% of the world’s population is being exposed to unwanted sound levels that can cause hearing impairment. Especially for those living near the roads, train tracks, airports and construction sites, the unwanted sound levels can reach much unhealthier levels if proper soundproofing is not put in place.

4. Enhance Sleep Quality

Even before hearing issues occur, such high levels of noise pollution can cause sleep disturbances leading to exhaustion and irritation, which would mean lower levels of focus in the workplace and therefore less productivity. This affects one’s performance at the workplace or in school.

People who are constantly exposed to unwanted sounds tend to face a decline in their memory, their ability to read, learn and understand. High noise levels can affect cognitive functions such as problem solving skills. 

How can one soundproof his or her room?

Especially for residents living near airports, noise pollution levels can be disturbing and disruptive for one’s comfort. 

In order to resolve the problem of noise pollution, soundproofing is necessary. There are several solutions in the market.

Firstly, one can consider installing a sound barrier double glazing system on all of the windows. This would involve building a second window inside the existing ones, using aluminium frames, acoustic seals or thick laminated glass. The perimeter frame of the second window is then sealed to the existing window so that there is no available space for sound to penetrate through. However, this can be a very costly option and will not be viable for those who are renting and is also subject to the government’s approval. 

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Building a soundproof room from scratch is possible, however at a high cost with longer time required for renovation.

Alternatively, one can consider installing office desk pods or otherwise known as the modern phone booth for soundproofing.

Instapod’s office pods are tested (TUV SUD certified) and proven that it reduces up to -25db to -30db of sound. They are specifically and carefully designed for the purpose of sound reduction in order to increase conduciveness and focus of the users. 

This is a much more affordable option and is viable even for those who are renting the home temporarily because there is no modification made in the home. Installing modern phone booths are also a quicker option since they are easy to install, so one can save on the fuss and the materials required to build a soundproof room from scratch. The modern phone booths usually already come equipped with lighting, fan ventilation, wall plugs, USB ports and furniture- everything that one would need in a room to work, study or to relax. 

The benefit of a standalone soundproofed “room” like a modern phone booth is that, for those who have a habit of bringing their work home, the phone booth creates a separate barrier or a space just for work, dividing the rest of the room for relaxation altogether. What it does is that it creates a psychological effect on users- once the user steps into the phone booth, it is time for work and productivity, but once they step out of it, it is time for relaxing and unwinding. This can help boost work-life balance by drawing the boundaries between working time and resting time better. Not only for those working, if the pod becomes a designated spot for meditation and relaxation, it creates an instant calming effect upon entering the pod if the brain associates it as a place of relaxation.

Moreover, the modern phone booths offered by InstaPod can be relocated to another location whenever one desires by the InstaPod team, which makes this perfect especially for residents who are renting an apartment and will have to move out to another place eventually. However, if one does not wish to bring it to their new home, the mini phone booths can be resold too. 

As children grow up, the functions of each room in the flat can be different for the different stages of life. So the office desk pods are perfect to cater to the needs of the different residents at home, as they can be wheeled around the house into different rooms easily.

Check out InstaPod’s huge range of pods, and contact us here if you have any curiosities or concerns. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!