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Mini office pod as ideal space to make urgent or personal call or meeting

The workforce has observed an increasing use of the mini office pod to plug the gaps in open office plans and wanting privacy. However, by far and large, many offices still depend on open office plans and dividers to house their workers. In such work environments, sound bounces all over the walls, which makes the office noisy and unconducive for staff members.

Still, in response to the claim that open offices kill productivity, some valiant supporters of the open concept highlight the benefits of spontaneous conversation between workers, and team discussions across the office. 

Unfortunately, there is little to no evidence that backs this claim up, particularly as these chance meetings are often headed into without any work agenda in mind. And while spontaneous conversation is important, meeting rooms already exist for large-scale projects, so when all’s (literally) said and done, there needs to be conducive spaces for individual work to flourish and thrive.

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Moreover, though making urgent and private phone calls is something that’s long been instituted as a part of legal rights, these are often conveniently excluded from office plans. Someone who may need to make an urgent phone call or private meeting, may thus feel abashed at needing to share their problems out loud. Driven to a dead-end, some workers have even gone so far to take a call under their office desk. Such horror stories continue to spin the heads of many who wonder why open offices are still a thing.

At the end of the day, while building the office is definitely targeted for workers, these workers are also humans who face family crises and emergencies from time-to-time. Especially since the pandemic struck us, this need has become more pronounced than ever. 

Work pods office: Strengthening solutions for work-life needs

Perhaps open-office supporters still want to vouch and preserve some aspects of the open office. Maybe the transition to privacy is also hard to tackle. In that case, the mini office pod is a perfect peg to plug the design gap between wanting an ideal amount of the open office and a sense of privacy as well.

Indeed, a privacy pod can enhance flexibility just like meeting rooms—in that big team meetings and discussions remain possible in an open office; likewise, installing a modular phone booth also creates a quiet space to fully realise the concept of quiet spaces. This can then allow them to In other words, the office caters to the team’s and individual’s needs through the simple use of a privacy pod. Further given that InstaPods transports and sets up the pod for you, having a privacy pod is essentially a really quick fix!

mini office pod, privacy pod, work pods office, modular phone booth

Mini office pod and the quiet space

Having private spaces is also not just about letting employees make urgent phone calls to their loved ones. Neither is it about letting work meetings run well. It’s also about the sense of control that employees have over their environment.

In this world, nothing is an end all be all, and the same applies for work. Expecting employees to always be alert and productive 24/7 is a bad compromise, and can dull employee motivation, make work mundane and unnecessarily stressful, and harm the workplace culture. By latching onto work pods office, workers can depend on a privacy pod to take a breather and relax.

So for workers and bosses alike, instead of depending on around-the-clock surveillance and co-workers harping on their work, they get to control when they can do work, and when they can choose to deal with personal matters. 

In turn, this may foster an employee’s sense of control over their workplace—which, unsurprisingly, has proven to have positive impacts on job satisfaction and performance. And while there are plenty of ways to reach this outcome, having a modular phone booth is an effective and quick way to troubleshoot an employees’ possible feelings of suffocation and stress in a toxic and noisy workplace environment.


One can even add chairs and tables to make the environment to plush up the pod and make it more comfortable for workers to use. Check out how we did ours!

mini office pod, privacy pod, work pods office, modular phone booth

Maximising their ease in the workplace

Naturally, being cooped up with the same few people for 5 days a week can get exhausting. This need becomes all the more pressing when one has to deal with private family matters and clientele affairs. With private pods in-place, this contributes to making the workplace more ergonomic and comfortable

As the pandemic has caused upheavals in work culture entirely, you can consider adding a pod to the workplace to ease transitions back to work. Check out InstaPod’s huge range of pods, and contact us here if you have any curiosities or concerns. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!