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Office Booths: What pods work best?

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Choosing what office booths to get can be daunting. Some factors drift into consideration: the purpose of the pods, how reputable the company is, and of course, the price of office desk pods. At InstaPods, we’d like you to snag the best possible office booths—or, in most cases today, the best acoustic pods for ‘offices’ which are based-from-home.

That being said, here are several qualities to consider when looking at office booths!

Private soundproofing for noisy environments

office booths

Essentially speaking, if noise is a big problem in your workplace, soundproof office pods are the optimal choice for overcoming this. Unfortunately, though offices aim to be conducive spaces, designs often fail to consider human factors. The close proximity of a person’s rustling papers, with another’s phone call, and a group’s gossip at the water cooler, all mesh together to set up a distractible and noisy environment. Like our other article shares, sound can be the biggest disruption to concentration.

Ideally, then, without doing a complete upheaval of the office, the best solution is to opt in for acoustic pods for offices. Akin to being a ‘room in a room,’ these pods effectively block out noises for workers, and heightens productivity. Solo productivity needs to be achieved before group productivity can, and these office desk pods can certainly live up to that task; so if your office is noisy, perhaps it’s high time that you need some of these acoustic containers.

Phone booth Singapore: Suitable for talking jobs

office booths

Aside from being acoustic pods for offices, these booths are ideal for jobs that demand for regular business-to-business or business-to-client meetings. Just off the top of your head, I’m sure that this encompasses a great deal of industries and types; Social Service, Human Resources, insurance, shareholder meetings…the list prattles on.

Getting office booths thus provides two benefits: One is that it works as free-to-use office desk pods, and second being that it facilitates the space for such calls, particularly as our office pods have thickened and tempered laminated glass. No longer will office workers feel embarrassed, nor be compelled to lower their volume when conversing with clients. Such acoustic pods for offices, directly target this problem. In turn, this boosts productivity.

Simply put, if your job is mainly concerned with talking, office pods are excellent ways to catalyse private conversation and maintain confidentiality.

Finding the right balance for the office

So far, we’ve waxed on about the benefits of individual work. However, pods can be just as useful for group meetings. This then begs the question: What are these pods for?

If the workplace is dominated by a good mix of individual and group-based work, then it might be good to mix pods for bigger groups, with pods for individuals. If it’s like the workplace in the previous point, where people mainly work with clients one-on-one, then more individual pods might be useful for workers to use on an as-and-when basis.

Thus, consider the pods the company might offer. For instance, InstaPods offers a range:

office booths
  1. InstaPod – Solo (1 pax)
  2. InstaPod – Solo Plus (1 pax)
  3. InstaPod – Duo (1-2 pax)
  4. InstaPod – Quad (1-4 pax) 

To keep it space-efficient, then, you can consider mixing-and-matching these pods in a way that’s best suited for your workplace!

Company policies

Another key factor is the company. After all, there’s nothing worse than buying a product from an ill-willed company. There are a few factors to consider.

First of all, will the company deliver your pod as it is, and leave you to install it? Based on past experiences, this is the situation with most furniture. As someone who isn’t very strong, however, this is only feasible for lightweights like tables and chairs. With pods, this is a different story. One pod alone weighs around 400-500 kg, and hence, it might be best to find someone who does the heavy-lifting for you. At InstaPods, we provide the reassurance of handling everything—from delivery, assembly, to on-the-spot installation services. This is done on an island-wide basis, and we even do relocation services—which is another thing to consider if you want to shift the pod’s location in the office, or when changing office locations.

Keep in mind the company’s safety nets too! Apart from testimonials and reviews, the company—like InstaPods—should provide warranty, and extend it if needed. In any case, it is good to email in to obtain reassurance.

InstaPods: Phone booth Singapore

There are other practical concerns we left out—price, quantity, delivery time, and more. Given these numerous considerations, you might be uncertain on where to start.
Be that as it may, InstaPods will do its best to accommodate your needs, and advise you on an arrangement that will best benefit you. Check out our array of pods and booths, and contact us here if you’re interested and/or require assistance!