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Outdoor Pods for the Backyard 

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Outdoor office pods are a modern hangout space that is an extension of one’s living space by providing a quiet pocket away from the main home space. During the pandemic, especially during the lockdown, many started to spend more time at home more than ever before. The garden pod can be seen as another room that can be used all year round outside of the house. Multi-purpose rooms like garden pods have become increasingly popular because of how multi-functional they are. 

The outdoor pod is a pod that comes pre-fitted with amenities like lighting, electricity and furniture. It is an all in one mobile office, an entertainment area, a quiet space to recharge or meditate- all of these versatile functions made possible because of the garden pods’ noise and heat insulation feature. 

Garden office pods come in a variety of designs but the most common ones are curved and framed with glass from top to bottom with a beautiful bright-coloured finish, so one can work amongst nature in the backyard of their houses while enjoying a beautiful view, sheltered from the sweltering weather in Singapore’s summer and from the rain when the monsoon season comes. 

Instapod’s Minimalist Outdoor Garden Pods

The outdoor office pod or garden office pod is a unique way to bring work from home to another level. Rather than cooping oneself up in the room at home, users can enjoy a new working space, all within the comfort of their own backyard. All of this without compromising on the wallet or space; the office pod is a more affordable way to transform one’s backyard while maximising the existing, available space in one’s backyard. 

Garden Pods as New Work from Home Offices

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Since working from home or hybrid working arrangements have become the new norm for many employees, outdoor pods make the ideal home office or spare office for one to relax and take a break in from the hustle and bustle of the city life. 

Unlike spending a huge sum of money on building a house extension or hacking down walls to change up the room layouts, garden pods can save home owners, who are looking for a new space, time and money because they are extremely quick and simple to install. Hacking is not required at all. 

Creating a separate space for work can help employees achieve better work life balance too. Psychologically, there is a huge difference between trying to work out of the study room such as cafés, libraries and etcetera, as it feels like one is “going to work” and “going home” at the end of the day- and the most amazing part about garden pods? One just has to take a few steps to commute across their backyard, and they will reach their office, eliminating transit time, while saving on the cost of adding an office to one’s home.

A conducive environment can lead to better work ethic which can mean higher levels of productivity. Let’s say, if one’s workplace is the living room, distractions from the television can compromise on one’s focus and productivity. The outdoor office pod guarantees higher levels of productivity with its sound and heat insulation ability, while bringing the convenience of having one’s home situation right beside their office. 

Outdoor Social Gatherings Under a Roof

Al freso dining in Singapore’s weather can be tricky at times, but with garden pods, one need not worry about the unpredictable weather. Be it rain or shine, one can dine with their family and loved ones in the garden pod while enjoying a beautiful view. 

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One can also use the garden pod like an outdoor room with a shelter. It can be a place to unwind with a good book, or turned into a play area for the children or even an area for yoga and meditation before starting one’s day.

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If one enjoys watching movies under the stars, they can simply retreat into the pod, turn on the big screen and enjoy their movie in peace. 

If one enjoys singing, the garden pod can also function as a karaoke room for a group of friends to sing in without disturbing the rest of the family in the house. 

The versatility of the garden pods makes them an attractive option for home owners looking for a way to revamp their houses while maximising space and saving cost. 

Check out InstaPod’s range of outdoor pods, and contact us here if you have any curiosities or concerns. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!