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Privacy Phone Booths As The Winning Solution To Small Spaces 

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With privacy phone booths, you can maximise any space you have, regardless of how limited it may be. Have you ever wondered how to make a home office in a small space? Or perhaps you have faced severe space constraints when designing a conducive office environment that works for numerous employees? Fret not, as privacy phone booths are the golden panacea to this conundrum. Privacy phone booths, or private pods, are simply ideal for creating effective working environments in small and limited spaces. 

Read on to find out more about how private pods can help you design a productive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing work environment in small or tight spaces. 

Creating Your Ideal Home Office

To begin with, privacy phone booths provide an oasis of peace and productivity in an otherwise scattered, messy, or disruptive environment. This renders it an ideal addition to any homeowner who is wondering how to make a home office in a small space. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and employers have transitioned to hybrid work arrangements. Some have even embraced the fully work-from-home set-up! In this scenario, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you have a suitable and effective workstation at home. After all, having a dedicated workspace creates a long list of benefits, including increased ability to focus and an enhanced work-life balance. 

At first glance, some might feel that this is a futile endeavour, given that traditional conceptions of home offices bring to mind a set-up that requires a pretty substantial amount of space, which is simply space that many do not have. In between the children’s toys and laundry, there is hardly any space left! 

Nonetheless, there is a simple solution to this quandary – private pods. 

Private pods, or office phone booths, are an affordable and versatile option for those seeking to establish a conducive working environment at home. InstaPod for instance provides portable and mobile office phone booths that render it an affordable and excellent option for those looking to create a work set-up, without committing to permanently renovating the existing space. Its versatility also means that its size can be customised to fit whatever space that is available, making it a winning addition to households that struggle to make space for home offices. 

Furthermore, in multi-persons households, there is often a need to share a room with another household member. This might pose an inconvenience in the long run, especially when both parties may need to take conference and meeting calls at the same time. Being in the same room without a dedicated, sound-proofed workstation means that each individuals’ call will be affected. This also poses great risks for data privacy and confidentiality. 

However, with office phone booths, this problem is virtually non-existent. InstaPod provides office phone booths fitted with a 4-layered, 360 degrees soundproof technology, allowing for a sound reduction of 20 – 25dB. No longer will you have to worry about the crying baby in the background, or disrupting your partner’s important conference call. With sound-proofed privacy phone booths, your peace of mind and privacy remain protected. 

Sound-proofing your work station will also reap wonderful benefits in terms of boosting your work productivity. According to a study by Gypsum, reducing noise in the workplace raises productivity by 50% and reduces stress levels by 30%. A study by The British Journal of Psychology concurs with these findings, noting that noise pollution decreases the accuracy of employee work by almost 67%. 

It is time to invest in a privacy phone booth at home to enjoy its numerous benefits. 

Working With Space Constraints 

Privacy phone booths are ideal additions to both homes and traditional offices. In particular, it is especially helpful for offices with large groups of workers but struggle with space constraints. 

In this day and age, space is soon becoming a luxury rather than the norm. We often have to pay sky-high prices to rent office spaces that can fully accommodate all employees. In fact, in December 2021, it was reported that Singapore CBD Grade A office rents may increase twice as quickly in 2022. The soaring rental prices pose a problem to companies looking to expand their business, but simply find their hands tied with regards to increasing their number of employees and manpower, due to the lack of space. 

This problem is complex. It is not just about providing a desk for each employee. It also involves creating suitable spaces for independent work of various kinds, as well as creating conducive environments for enhanced collaboration between various workers. 

Nonetheless, this predicament can be resolved through integrating private pods into the office set-up. Private pods are versatile and flexible pieces of office equipment that function well for both independent and collaborative work. As mentioned earlier, their sizes can be easily customised to be integrated seamlessly into existing work spaces. For offices facing space constraints, this is a life saviour. These pods can be easily fitted within awkward, empty spaces that previously served no purpose, thereby ensuring that the office space is fully utilised. 

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Given that these pods are soon becoming the meeting room of the future, it is a worthwhile investment to procure larger private pods for collaborative work. These pods can be created to cater to the needs of multiple groups, and are thus versatile, flexible, and effective complements to existing office set-ups. 

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Finally, these pods are mobile and portable. This means that no permanent renovations are required, which is perfect for companies who are renting spaces. Moreover, this means that the pods can also be transported and integrated into new workplaces should the company wish to relocate their operations. 

All in all, this new meeting room of the future is increasingly becoming the golden solution for companies burdened with sky-rocketing office rents and space constraints. 

Investing in Quality Privacy Pods 

InstaPod provides high quality privacy phone booths at affordable prices, rendering it the perfect option for both individuals and businesses. It is an ideal choice as a home office, or the best complement to existing office set-ups. The best part? Its versatility and mobility makes it a winning and effective solution that maximises all spaces, overcoming the challenges of space constraints. 

Check out InstaPod’s huge range of pods, and contact us here if you have any curiosities or concerns. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!