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Soundproofing: How private pods fare better than office cubicles

Office booths are soon becoming an inseparable part of the modern workplace – and for good reason. Installing private pods in the office may not be something we’re all accustomed to—if anything, I’m sure we’re all acquainted with the customary office cubicle: grey, neutral, boxy-shaped desks tightly packed against one another. But when push comes to shove, such acoustic pods for offices can and will do a far better job than these quote-unquote ‘soundproof’ office cubicles.

‘Soundproof office booths’ built with filmsy panel walls — do they live up to the task?

Short answer: No. Long answer: In some ways. For instance, most environmental and visual distractions are cancelled out. With these grey-ish panel walls around us, movement in our peripheral vision is effectively blocked out. This may be your neighbouring colleague’s leg-shaking idiosyncrasies, or someone breezing by your desk to top-up an additional cup of coffee.
That being said, these walls are rather superficial. Beyond blocking out some visual distractions, the biggest distractor in offices is noise, as many of our other articles wax on about. To give some credit to soundproofing office cubicles, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these grey cardboard-like walls can do the trick of stifling some noise from your next-door colleague. On the whole, however, it does a terrible job of blocking out surround-sound and noise. Footsteps from the opposing cubicle, the toilet flush and running water tap, a colleague snacking on a chip or two; the office is planted with plenty of distractions, and I’m sure you can think of more.

Work pods office are the future

‘Work pods office’ is the way to go, and there are a myriad of reasons for why this is the case.

In the first place, office cubicles intend to make the office space-efficient, and maximise the number of workers in each room. With acoustic pods for offices that are as efficient—and dare say—even better, the additional soundproofing takes it to the next level. Here is where InstaPod’s private pods comes in.

Acoustic pods for offices: Better privacy, better soundproofing

From the larger design schema down to the nitty-gritty details of this modular phone booth, every part of the InstaPod is outfitted in consideration of greater privacy and better soundproofing.

One prominent feature of our booths is the soundproofed wall-to-wall acoustic panels, which effectively block out noise. In addition to this feature is a set of thickened and tempered laminated glass. With these two features working hand-in-hand, your makeshift workspace is guaranteed to be a more quiet, comfortable, and conducive situation for your work.
Neither does it stop there. With high-quality, non-slip, padded carpeting, the pods help to muffle footsteps and any other distracting noises. Fan ventilations are also equipped with silent exhausts, which mean that the moment you step into the pod, your workplace metamorphosises into a world of your own.

Blocking out distractions leads to more effective work

One can always resort to using the default office design; one may even be amenable to a satisfactory level of productivity in a cookie-cutter cubicle layout. However, the environment is not quite the same as an office that houses several booths and pods. Indeed, it is precisely the fact that InstaPod pays heed to these minute features that others fail to scrutinise, which allow the private pods cum modular phone booth to transform into an optimised workspace.

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It also gives rise as to why getting in the zone for work—and as a consequence, productivity, comes much easier to office pod users.

Curated booths for jobs permanently on loudspeaker

If you’re looking to extend the soundproofing utility of the pod past staple office-work, these pods will certainly come in handy for other usages as well!

After all, on and on we’ve gone, and so far, we’ve mainly talked about the soundproofing benefits for the individual user. At the same time, it also stands to reason that your co-workers can benefit too! As previously mentioned a few times, such booths can be adapted into modular phone booths. As such, people with chattier jobs can simply slip into one and autonomously use it, without needing to fear how pesky they are to their co-workers.

Craving for productive privacy and stronger soundproofing?

If you’re able to toss office booths into the mix of crammed cubicles, having a noisy office wouldn’t be a problem anymore. It simply means that there’s greater versatility for your co-workers to intermingle, discuss, and also have a private phone conversation and/or meeting with their client or loved one.

More than just a vision, we always hope that healthy workplace environments with good soundproofed pods can be fully realised for everyone. In any case, our team will definitely do their best to recommend the best soundproof pod for your office, home, or workspace.
Contact us here at InstaPods if you have any enquiries, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.