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Why More Tech Companies and Schools Are Adopting Modular Office Pods

Office pods, also known as modular office pods, despite its name are certainly not limited to be used in just the office; there is an increase in popularity for private pods to be used in tech companies and schools due to its versatility and convenience. 

Modular Office Pods for Schools

Noise pollution has a major impact on students and teachers alike. Especially in open spaces in school, disruptions can be distracting for students who need quiet spaces to study aside from the library. Especially nearing examinations, one can commonly find students sprawled out all across the school, as the library may be fully packed. Noise can be harmful to the students’ learning because it distracts them from being able to focus. Group project meetings can be disrupted because of the surroundings, be it noise or movements from people walking and chattering. Neuroscientists have found that children and young adults are more sensitive to noise as compared to a fully matured adult brain. Therefore, installing acoustic pods to create soundproof zones for studying and group discussions can help students to have a conducive and productive study session. Group project meetings conducted in the pods can be carried out without disturbing those who are studying quietly on their own, and without having to book an entire classroom or a seminar room just for a small group of students. Researchers in universities can also use the private pods for a secure remote access to confidential data required for their research. 

To add on, some schools are still balancing between online learning and on-site learning. Therefore, some students will need a quiet space to log in online in between modules that require them to be in school. The acoustic pod, known for its soundproofing ability will be helpful to such students so that they can learn and engage with online learning effectively.

Also, since the private pods are demountable and easy to install, schools have the flexibility to reconfigure them as needed in the future too. 

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Instapod installed at the National Technological University

Office Desk Pods to Boost Learning

Office desk pods not only create a quieter, more conducive environment for students to enhance their learning, but they also encourage active learning by creating an environment for robust discussions and problem solving. Active learning refers to a method of learning that encourages students to be actively engaged with their learning materials through discussions, problem solving, case studies, role plays and more. As the office desk pods are configured to allow students to interact with each other while facing one another, it promotes group and one-to-one interactions without distraction from the surroundings, while the glass walls allow teachers to watch over students to see if they need any form of support. When students are able to work in a collaborative, supportive and enriched environment, they are able to engage with the learning materials better for more effective learning. 

Especially for younger learners, having small group sizes to learn together in a private pod can be more effective because educators are able to form strong relationships with their students to ensure that students feel seen, known and hard. This in turn helps students in their learning and emotional well-being while encouraging them to work together as a group with their classmates. Learning can also be customised to suit the students’ needs.

Modular Office Pods for Tech Companies

Tech companies are among the first companies to switch to remote based working when the pandemic called for the change. However, as the pandemic dragged on, many tech companies are evaluating the future after the pandemic. Many companies in Singapore are opting for a partially remote workplace rather than a fully remote workplace. However, tech employees need to consider how they can try to balance retaining control with the demands of their employees who have grown so used to managing their own locations and schedules. Also, they will need to create spaces in the office for workers to seamlessly connect with remote based colleagues in the office while improving life for employees at work to draw them back to the office. 

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InstaPod Quad

Typical meeting rooms were not made for video calls- the lighting can be too dark or bright and audio can be echoey in larger spaces and way too big for just a one on one video call.   

The open-plan office has also proved frustrating for many employees who need privacy and quiet to focus. A more employee-centric approach is needed to keep employees, as tech companies may be forced to compete with one another to win the best talents and thus offer more remote options as an incentive. Therefore, modular office pods are a great option to allow employees space to work without distractions while giving them the privacy they need. 

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